Published: 16/09/2013 00:39 - Updated: 16/09/2013 15:57

VIDEO: Is this the Northampton Clown?


Sensational footage has emerged which appears to show the notorious Northampton clown starring in a short movie on Youtube.

The film by Alex Powell is called The Local Clown - A Short Mocumentary and features a clown called Richard dressed identically to the Northampton clown in a blue suit and yellow shirt. It was posted four months ago.

At one point in the film the character runs past a blue garage door - perhaps the same garage door that featured in the first Northampton clown photograph posted on Facebook.

The actor playing the clown is credited as William Johnston but is listed on the Star Now talent directory as Northampton actor, model and musician William Unwin.

Are we closer to the truth or is this a coincidence? We have embedded the video so you can judge for yourself.

Alex Powell's Youtube page is here.

Spot Northampton's Clown page is here.

The most recent sighting is here

Editor's letter: Why are we hating the clown?

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