Published: 06/09/2012 17:30 - Updated: 07/09/2012 09:28

Breaking news! 'Aliens' crash spaceship on school field...


An alien spaceship crash landed in at a school in Wellingborough.

The UFO came down on Tuesday evening by Croyland Primary School and the ‘wreckage’ was clearly visible when staff and students arrived for the first day of term.

The truth is out there: The 'craft' at the school
The truth is out there: The 'craft' at the school

Police were on hand to cordon off the area before questioning staff and some pupils about what they had seen or heard.

The work is all part of a term long school project entitled ‘Are you a sceptic? Are you a believer?’

Teacher Kelly Hare said: “Taking into account all the children’s witness statements there seems to have been a lot of strange happenings on our school field.” She added the children would be writing articles on their ‘find’.

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